Lino-cutting: Methods of Introducing Colour with Nigel Grist - Salcombe Art Club

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Lino-cutting: Methods of Introducing Colour with Nigel Grist

Monday, 17 Tuesday 18  & Wednesday 19 February 2020, 9.45 am - 4 pm

Many very successful lino-cut images are at one level very simple - a single colour and a single plate. Sometimes however an image might benefit from a bit more - to introduce a highlight or change focus for example. There are many possible ways colour can be introduced, including spot colours, jigsaw plates, multi-plates and plate reduction.

Over the three days of the course we'll look at various ways to move beyond a single colour and single plate. Some methods require very precise positioning of plate and paper and various registration techniques will be covered as required. There will be scope to practice basic techniques with a simple plate or two and then, if you wish, to work on and print a more involved image using one or more of the possible techniques. Some of the techniques and registration methods are applicable to printmaking methods other than lino-cutting.

Code NG, cost £90 (all materials included)
Contact: Nigel Grist

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