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Elen Claire Williams

Fine Artist, Elen Claire Williams MA is a walking artist recording and interpreting her local South Devon landscape, principally between the moor and the sea, using a variety of mediums and  visual languages. The artist commonly selects popular places at those solitary times where isolation from modern life encourages imagination, self-discovery and inner peace.

“I have succeeded in my aim when the glory of creation encourages people to engage to celebrate and conserve the vanishing natural world on our personal doorsteps.”

Beyond the decorative aspect of making art, the key issues of our times i.e. environmental issues and spiritual poverty, have become essential deeper elements in the artist’s work.  The artist seeks to raise the audiences’ awareness of the fragility of the environment and the need to actively become a participant in its conservation.  An interest in local history, local tradition, and personal faith are reflected in the narrative of specific series of artwork.


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